Hey there, I'm Noctem, but you can call me Noct! I'm a freelance illustrator and conceptual artist, dabbling in everything from fantastical realms to futuristic landscapes, and even diving into the world of TTRPGs. This year, I'm excited to pour more of myself into my personal projects and share them with you all. To everyone who's been along for the ride, thank you! I can't wait to keep you entertained with all the art I have in store.

COMMISSIONSTo keep up with my commission openings, queue and general information, all details can be found here.

HOW TO SUPPORT MEIf you enjoy my work you are more than welcome to become a suscriber at the following places where I offer exclusive behind the scenes, perks, and discounts. 💙

SHOPI make custom brushes, offer prints and will be adding more down the line here- 💙

STREAMINGI stream every monday, wednesday, and friday on Twitch.

Cheers and see you around!